Pre-season stages services for professional teams

Campo de Entrenamiento-stage de pretemporada

Training- field

En Málaga Elite Sports High-Performance Training School, we endeavor to offer the best service for the players either individually, in groups or also pre-season stages services for professional teams

Malaga Elite Sports, is opened to a wide range of possibilities for different team sports, such as football, rugby, basketball, field hockey, volleyball, as well as others.

We take care of managing everything necessary for your team as soon as it arrives, have everything you need to perform their daily training sessions and in turn, enjoy and know the benefits of our climate, landscape and culture.

What we offer:

*** Lamentablemente por las circunstancias por todos conocidas y mundialmente afectadas por la pandemia, estos servicios se encuentran suspendidos temporalmente hasta que las restricciones sanitarias  sean eliminadas  y los servicios de hoteles y alojamientos turísticos puedan ofrecer una actividad normalizada ***